USPS retail ground.

USPS retail ground.

USPS has categorized delivery into several factors according to the customer’s convenience. Where the delivery will be done according to the mail you’ve chosen. The USPS has the following mail to deliver.

  1. Priority mail
  2. Priority mail express
  3. First-class mail express
  4. Marketing mail
  5. USPS retail ground.

The delivery will be done as per your choice mail. Different mail delivery has different arrival times and rate respectively.

What is USPS Retail Ground?

USPS retail ground is basically intended for single piece mailings which means any mailable matter that does not to be mailed as priority mail and includes an extra charge for USPS tracking. This retail ground is generally used for mailing gifts or merchandise which does not include a bulk price for USPS retail ground.

Package service is a collective term used for the three classes of mail classified service: bound printed matter, media mail, and library mail. Each subpart is for the user’s convenience to choose accordingly.

Bound Printed Matter:

Abound printed matter should be paid by permit imprint which consists of advertising, promotional or editorial material. These bound printed matter to be surely secured with the materials like staples, spiral binding, glue or stitching. Abound printed matter must consist of sheets which at least imprinted by any process other than typewriting or handwriting with words or anything.

Media mail:

The media mail is generally used for books, films, printed music, printed test material, sound recordings, play scripts, printed educational charts, choose leaf pages and binders consisting of medical information and related to computer-readable media.

Library mail:

The library mail used by qualifying institutions like libraries, universities, zoos, and research institutions to mail. Minimum quantities of library mail are up to 300 pieces.

Features of Retail Ground:

  • The retail ground is considered to be the best economic value for sending small mail like gifts and merchandise. Which may also consist of books and other different printed matters?
  • Retail ground mail includes USPS tracking with no additional charge.
  • The retail ground service can reach up to every U.S address and including PO boxes and military addresses.
  • Delivery on Saturday at no additional charge
  • The facility is available at your local post office.

USPS Retail Ground Rates:

The pricing of retail ground service is available for mailable parcel sent to zones 5-9 except for certain circumstances. The USPS rates depend on the mailing item you’ve chosen. Different mailing item has different charges. Suppose if you are mailing your package at the post office then the rate will be $7.35. And with the parcel return service from $2.90 at the post office. The rate of ground return services is from $6.95 for commercial pricing and for media mail from $2.75 at the post office and from $1.97 for commercial pricing.

USPS Retail Ground Tracking:

The USPS tracking services have only one way by which it can be tracked by its user. It administrates a direct end package tracking that is accessible for all the local and domestic locations.

These locations can also include military areas; flee post offices and diplomatic post offices. The tracking of any shipment can be easily accessed by punching the zip code that has been provided by the USPS service for the tracking.

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The USPS has provided this tracking service if any user wishes to track his/her shipment he/she can easily administrate to the shipment by just entering the tracking number of the package. This provides them with the current status of the parcel along with other necessary details of tracking. The other information may include the estimated time of delivery, arrival of the package. Mailbox number and other detail related to the shipment.

The retail ground tracking service is free of cost USPS tracking service does not entertain tracking facility with additional charges.

Lost USPS tracking number:

USPS is the largest post mail service of the U.S. that provides the service of receiving and delivering mail every six days in a row. However, there are often many cases where a recipient of the package or parcel loses the tracking or identification number which causes trouble in tracking the shipment

The following steps will help you to recover a lost tracking number or from where to obtain the number again?

The USPS provides a tracking number at different places. If you’ve opted for the premium mail services the facility provides detailed tracking information. However, international shipment takes at least 20 days of business working days to be delivered. So, the recipient can wait for few days before receiving a package.

If you are a priority mail customer the USPS will assist you to find your tracking information related to your shipment. The USPS provides direct service to its priority users. So, if you have lost your tracking number you can directly get in touch with your post office regarding the same. But, this service is only applicable for the priority mail users.

USPS Retail Ground – Points to Know

However, you can easily find information about USPS on the official site, but still, here you need to remember a few points when unveiling the advantages of USPS retail ground.

  • If you notice that the site is not working, you need to wait for a few moments as often the website could be hacked due to the over volume of traffic.
  • It is advised to know the benefits and disadvantages of the USA postal service’s USPS retail ground facility.
  • It might be possible that the USA postal service may make changes to a particular service. So, you need to confirm the information from the official website.


Q: What is USPS retail grounding?

Ans: The USPS Retail grounding is commonly used for single-piece mailings which are to be composed of any matters to be mail and not necessary to mail as First-Class mail. This retail grounding is probably used for sending gifts and merchandise.

Q: What is USPS retail ground shipping?

Ans: For the packages with a minimum weight of 70 pounds also envelops and tubes this ground shipping is used and also need not to be mailed at First-Class mail service.

Q: How long does USPS Retail ground take?

Ans: USPS retail ground takes basically 2 and 9 days to pick up. By using this retail grounding time taken to deliver the items will take up to 14 postal business days.

Q: How much does USPS retail ground cost?

Ans: By using this USPS Retail ground, the prices will be $7.35 and above for one pound package. USPS definitely measures that the package will be in between 84 and 108 inches or not. This type of mail class will be obtained only at post offices. It may charge extra when your package will be less than 20 pounds.

Q: Does USPS retail ground include tracking?

Ans: Yes, USPS will provide tracking of your shipping free of cost. It is a single-piece mailing which incorporate USPS tracking. Massive prices are not there in USPS retail grounding.

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