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An Introduction to USPS:

The USPS is the largest mailing service of the US. The USPS stands for united state postal services. It was established in the year of 1775 after Benjamin Franklin was appointed as the first general postmaster. The type of the company is independent and its headquarters are in Washington D.C. united states.

The USPS is known for the service that they provide to their users. They work effortlessly to deliver packages and parcel around the corners. United States postal service (USPS) receives and possesses mail, parcels, and packages every day without ant fail.

There are more than 700 million pieces of mails that they deliver every single day, six days in a row. The USPS delivers mail every day but Sundays. Sundays are only for priority mail deliveries if you’ve chosen the priority mail express than your parcel will be delivered on Sunday at 10:00 am with the overnight schedule delivery timing.

Following are the list of mails that USPS delivers:

1. Priority mail express

2. First-class mail

3. Packages service/ USPS retail ground

4. Marketing emails.

How do they do it?

Delivering such a huge amount of mails and parcels every day without fail is not an easy job neither it’s a one-person job. It takes almost 800,000 workforces of people to contribute to preparing the mails for delivery. There is a whole process of how these mails are packed and delivered.

This is a process called culling where the mails are rapidly sorted and arranged in a well collective manner and then go under further process in order to get dispatch. All the USPS mails and parcels have a fluorescent barcode on it to frame the USPS services.

What is USPS Parcel select ground?

A parcel ground select is a USPS mail class that offer ground delivery to its user in a less expensive way in terms of large and heavy packages. Shipment can weigh up to 70lbs and delivery ranges from 2-8 business working days. Most probably rates vary from distance, weight, and dimension of the mail piece.

This parcel select ground service is not available at your nearest post office location. This service is only available to those users who use USPS services online. If the rates much matter to you rather than the delivery speed than this service is suitable for you.

How long does it take to deliver a parcel select package?

The parcel select packages offer delivery within 2-8 business working days. However, parcel select delivery time can stretch a little longer. The service is, however, quite similar to the formal parcel post mail class.

USPS parcel select ground tracking:

Every parcel whether it’s a standard parcel or a select ground parcel has a zip code number on it which allows the user to track the shipment and other related necessary information like the arrival of the parcel, date and time by which the delivery may drop by.

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 The zip code on the package shows the current status of the shipment by which a recipient can keep a watch on his/her shipment details. The tracking facility provided by the USPS is free of cost and does not entertain any extra delivery charges.

USPS select parcel ground rates:

The select ground parcel is cheaper if compared to the standard packages. Basically the rates of this parcel select ground depend on the weight of the parcel. If your package is 28lbs or lighter in weight then the parcel select rate is cheaper than the standard package rate.

Before placing your mail go through all USPS options. If your parcel is 29lbs or more than that, then other mail classes may have cheaper rates than parcel select rate.

Does USPS offer more than one parcel select rate?

Yes, the USPS has different variations of parcel select rate. The parcel select rate is mostly determined by the weight and destination of the package. The more the weight the more will be the expense. The distant parcel has its own delivery rate accordingly

Parcel select rate determines the size of the packages that are large in size but light in weight. Less than 20 pounds are charged for the postage packages. Therefore this is also referred to as balloon price.

  1. Parcel select- No presort:  You can use this service online through parcel select postage vendor such as
  2. Parcel select- Destination Entry: parcel select destination entry must have 50 minimum packages.
  3. Parcel select- Lightweight:  This is designed for the packages that weigh less than 1lb and are used for other fulfillment.

Can I buy a parcel select at the post office?

No, parcel select can only be purchased online through any postage vendor or from an authorized USPS partner here.

Can I drop my parcel select package at the post office?

As long as your parcel select package has a pre-paid postage from a postage vendor such as or from any other postage vendor, you can drop your parcel to the post office without any much fuss.

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Points to Keep in Mind When Unveiling the Features of USPS Parcel Select Ground

When it comes to unveiling the benefits of USPS parcel select ground, you shouldn’t forget to determine a few points. Some of the important points that you need to keep in mind are stated below.

  • Before using a specific service of USA postal service, you first need to grab adequate information about the same.
  • It is highly advised that you should choose USPS to parcel select ground only if you need the same.
  • Since every service comes with its pros and cons, it is necessary for you to know about the same before making a deal.
  • Keep grabbing the latest updates, tweaks, and news about USA postal service.


Q: What is USPS Parcel Select Ground?

Ans: In USPS, the Parcel Select Ground services are used to get large and heavy packages at a very low rate. When we take USPS mail Class Service the shipment could weigh nearly 70lbs.

Q: Is USPS Parcel Select Ground trackable?

Ans: Yes, Parcel Select Ground will provide you to track your package for free. It also gives you free delivery confirmation about shipping for more packages that you required.

Q: Is USPS Parcel Select the same as Retail Ground?

Ans: In USPS, The parcel select ground is the least expensive compared to other services but it is the very slowest one. On the other side, the parcel select ground is replaced as USPS parcel post service which is used for online booking. The retail ground is mainly used for single-piece mailings and in this, the USPS provides free tracking.

Q: Is USPS Parcel Select Ground Insured?

Ans: Yes, In USPS we have a chance to get insurance. When you want to get the insurance you have to purchase up to $5000. By using any one of the services like USPS Retail Ground, Parcel Select ground, Media Mail, First Class Mail, Priority mail, etc., you may purchase the insurance.

Q: How long USPS ground shipping Does?

Ans: USPS ground shipping takes 2-8 Business days to deliver. When we choose UPS or FedEx ground delivery surely we get delivery within 4 days. So, for a better option, we could choose it.

Q: How much does the USPS parcel select ground cost?

Ans: The cost of the parcel depends upon the weight. If the weight will be more than 20 pounds then you should pay an extra amount for it. usually $7.50 and above for 1 pound. One thing you should observe i.e. length and width will be between 84 and 108 inches. Let us know about some price levels of parcels.

  1. Parcel Select (Lightweight) –  From $ 1.81 for commercial
  2. USPS Retail ground – From $ 7.50 at the post office.
  3. Parcel Return Services – $ 3.05 at the post office
  4. Ground Return Services – $ 6.92 for commercial

Q: Is Ground shipping faster than standard?

Yes: USPS priority mail takes an average of 1.79 days. When compared to another one like UPS Ground this ground shipping is one day faster and also half a day faster than that of FedEx home delivery. For fast delivery select the best way to get your package.

Q: Does Parcel Select deliver on Sunday?

Ans: There are some important mails that the USPS gives primary things to deliver. Priority mail packages or First-class parcels should deliver first even in weak ends (Saturday, Sunday). The parcels delivered on Sundays will depend on its volume. Amazon is one of the companies which delivers packages on Sundays.

Q: Is parcel select the same as Ground?

Ans: Parcel select is one of the cheapest ones to send packages but it is the slowest one compared to the other one. For a simple way to provide these services, USPS renamed this Parcel select ground as Parcel Post services and allows the customers for booking online.

Q: Why is retail ground cheaper than parcel select?

Ans: When we compare Retail Ground and Parcel Select online about cost, Retail Ground is the cheapest one than Parcel Select. Retail Grounding should pay the amount at the postal office. On Parcel Select, the DIM rate will apply on packages or mails.

Q: What is the cheapest way to ship packages?

Ans: Basically all postal services charge with small variations but almost the same based on weight. Depending on the weight of the package you should pick the right one to get a low rate for shipping. Here are the suggestions to select the right one – if your package is more than 2lbs then you should go with FedEx or UPS. If the package is less than 2lbs then you should go with USPS.

Q: How does flat rate shipping work?

Ans: This flat rate is used to take away from weighing packages and calculation of shipping fees. This flat rate shipping is used to deliver the packages or envelopes to the destination within 1 to 2 days by USPS. Apparently, the package should be less than 70lbs.

Q: How do you get a flat rate box?

Ans: We get a Flat Rate Box at the nearest post offices and also we pick it from online USPS websites. The cost of this box will be incorporated into the standard flat shipping rate so you should pay the fee only once.

Q: How do you figure out shipping costs?

Ans: Depending upon the Actual weight or DIM Weight the cost of shipping will apply. Postal services like USPS, FedEx, and UPS consider these things which one is greater in Actual weight and DIM weight.

Q: Which boxes are free at USPS?

Ans: For Priority Mail and Global Express Guaranteed packages USPS will provide envelopes and free shipping boxes.

Q: What are the 3 types of packaging?

Ans: The main packaging types to deliver are 1. Corrugated Boxes, 2. Paperboard Cartons, 3. Paper bags or Sacks. For heavy packages like electronic appliances, Glass items, Food Items(Fruits and Vegetables) we should use Corrugated boxes.  

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