Lost Tracking Number USPS?

What is meant by USPS?

USPS stands for United States Postal Service. It was established in 1775 when Benjamin Franklin was appointed the first Postmaster general and now has its post offices located all across the continental United States. 

It is an autonomous and independently operating Government agency that collects, receives, processes and delivers mail in the United States.

It is also known as U.S MAIL, Post Office or Postal services. The USPS is an executive branch of the United States Federal government.

Types of various USPS Packages:

  • Priority mail express
  • Priority mail
  • First-class mail
  • USPS marketing mail
  • Periodicals
  • Package services / USPS retail ground

USPS Package tracking:

The USPS tracking services for packages administers a direct end package tracking that is accessible for all the local and domestic products addressed to domestic locations.

These locations can also include limited Army post Office (APO’S), Fleet Post Offices (FPO’S) and Diplomatic post offices (DPO’S).

This service extends to a large number of unlimited zip codes in the US territories and freely associated states surrounding them. 

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When a user wishes to track his package, he can enter the tracking number that is associated with his package into the UPSP tracking page.

This provides them with the current status of their package along with other information necessary for tracking.

This also includes delivery details, date and estimated time of arrival, mailbox number, recipient address, etc. These tracking services are available free of cost.

USPS tracking does not facilitate or ensure conveyance. There is no extra expense for the following instrument on items that consequently incorporate USPS tracking.

Essentially, you itself pay for that item’s postage, and the following is incorporated, except if you are shipping USPS Showcasing Mail bundles. Adding USPS tracking to a business mailing administration requires paying a charge.

How are USPS Packages delivered?

Each different classes of mails have separate time slots and distinct windows allotted to them. The Mail and packages are sorted according to their class and priority at each facility receiving the mails and then forwarded on to different processing centers.

At the processing centers, all classes of mail are processed according to the specific procedures according to its mailing class and priority of delivery that is set by the rules and regulations of the company. During shipping, each mail is loaded and ranked according to priority.

All other minor details are checked, such as the weight of the package, its girth and height and what the contents inside it are. This becomes important when the packages are being loaded to airplanes having limited space and certain weight allowances.

The Packages are usually available by 8:30 AM on the scheduled day of delivery.

Pick up a package from USPS before delivery:

One can pick up their USPS package before delivery. The customers can pick up a package from USPS before a scheduled delivery time only if they have a valid reason to do so.

In order to pick up a package from UPS, one can find several ways to do it. How to pick up a package from USPS?  The two main ways are by intercepting a package and to hold for pickup option.

Hold for pickup:

By a special service initiated by USPS called as the “Hold for Pickup”, it enables the recipient of the package to pick up the package from USPS.

It delivers a package to a certain USPS facility where it can be picked up by the recipient. When the package arrives, the recipient is notified to pick up his package.

Intercept a package:

The recipient of the package can go online to the website or look out for the link that mentions package intercept. For this, go to the official USPS website: www.USPS.com and click on the “Track and manage” option on the homepage. Then select the option of “Intercept a package” from the drop-down menu.

Lost mail and packages:

If the customers feel that their package has been delayed or is lost in transit, one can take the following steps:

Check the current status of their package:

USPS provides its customers the privilege of checking the current status of their package and mail. By tracking, one can see the current location of their USPS package, the estimated time arrival, other important details such as tracking number and quantity, etc.

Informed delivery:

There might often be instances where your package might get delayed in reaching its destination. Through informed delivery, the recipient of the packages gets a digital preview of their package and incoming mail.

It is a free and notification-enabled feature that provides the recipient to digitally have a preview of the mail and package to be received and thereby manage and arrange for their packages that are scheduled to arrive soon.

Submit search requests to the provider:

If your package or mail from USPS hasn’t arrived within 7 business days, the USPS services extend to providing services of submitting a search request. They can specify information such as:

1.    Sender’s mail address

2.    Recipient’s receiving mail address

3.    Size and type of container/envelope used

4.    USPS tracking/identification number

5.    Mailing/dispatch date

6.    Label receipts

7.    Description of the contents

When the facility receives the missing mail’s search request, they will revert back with a confirmation email.


The tracking number of your USPS package or mail can be found at different places:

  • Shipping receipt provided by the post office
  • Sales receipt if insurance was purchased from the post office
  • Email confirmation if the package has been shipped from the official website, USPS.com
  • Confirmation is related to shipping from an online retailer that is delivered directly to your mailbox.
  • Peel off a portion of tracking labels.

Lost USPS Tracking Number:

The USPS sends and receives a lot of packages and mails every day. There are often many instances where the recipients of the packages lose their USPS tracking or identification number.

They may also face a similar situation when they have lost their USPS tracking receipt.

When you have your tracking receipt or tracking ID/number available. It becomes easy for customers to track their shipment easily and quickly.

Post placing an order for shipment and delivery, there are little things which all the recipient should keep in mind. The following points will tell you how to recover a lost tracking number, where to obtain a tracking number from or what to do when you have lost your USPS tracking number?

The tracking number is available in many different places. The USPS provides a special tracking number to track a package.

When a recipient opts for a premium mail service, the facility provides them with detailed tracking information relating to the package.

All the international packages mostly take 28 business days to deliver, so you can wait for a few periods of days before you receive the package and there is nothing to worry about then.

In case a customer has lost the priority mail shipping/tracking receipt, the USPS assists you to find the information relating to the package, only if you are a priority mail Express user.

You can directly get information about your shipment at the same post office from where you ordered or shipped your package.

USPS will not be able to assist you if you have the tracking number. The tracking document/receipt is a confirmation of the shipment and delivery.

As mention3ed, the orders for international packages take 28 days to deliver and shipped so if you find any delays you can contact the recipient to make sure if he has received the package or wait for a few days for the item to be delivered.

Alternatively, in order to recover your lost USPS tracking number. You can visit your post office and inquire about your package.

They will further ask you about the package details like time, date, contents of the package, etc.

Things to Know about the Lost Tracking Number USPS

Having gone through aforesaid guide, now, you could be able to understand the concept of lost tracking number USPS. If you don’t want to repent on your decision, you also need to keep a few things in mind when unveiling the lost tracking number USPS.

  • Know the complete procedure of tracking number USPS.
  • You are advised to track number USPS using the online facility.
  • In case of facing any sort of difficulty, you need to get in touch with the USPS customer support department.
  • There are various ways for lost tracking number USPS. So, you can use any one of them.
  • Keep visiting at this site to grab the latest information, news, and updates about lost tracking number USA postal service.


Q: How can I track a USPS tracking number?

Ans: If you are trying to find a tracking number here is the simple way to get your tracking number. When you send your package they should give you one receipt for it. At the bottom of that receipt, they give a tracking number so you get your number there. There are also some choices to find your tracking number. They are

  • If the value of your package is above $50 you may purchase insurance on additional shipping. For that, you get an additional receipt that has your USPS tracking number at the bottom. So you could collect it there.
  • If you use USPS.com to mail your package they send you one confirmation mail. If you got the mail there you get your tracking number.

Q: Can I track a USPS package without a tracking number?

Ans: No, you can’t track your USPS package without a tracking number because every package has its unique tracking ID which is used to track. If you missed or haven’t received the number once contact your post office where you sent a package and collect the information about your tracking number.

 For our convenience, there are some ways to find our tracking number.

  • If you send your package online there is a list of orders you did. So you could find your tracking Id number there.
  • When you sent a package from the carriers then you will get receipt about your parcel. There at the bottom of the receipt, you can get your tracking number. If you are unable to find any tracking number on receipt don’t get tensed here there are some companies like FedEx will help to find our tracking number
  • There are some apps like UPS my choice or USPS informed delivery that is used by your company or customers to manage deliveries. By using these apps you may find your tracking number.

Q: Is Postal Service tracking?

Ans: Yes, every postal service will provide a tracking system to the customers to know about their package. Postal service will give the Package Identification code to the item that you sent. By using that code customers will track their package.

Q: What does a USPS tracking number start with?

Ans: USPS tracking number consists of 22 numbers that are divided into a set of four numbers look alike 0000 1111 2222 3333 4444 00. There are also other pattern starts with “EC” and “CP” which are mailed through seas.

Q: How much is USPS tracking?

Ans: Depends upon your choice of services the price will depend. When it is First class, Priority Mail or Priority Express Mail the price is low i.e. $1.05 on individual packing. If you go through online purchase, then you get it for $0.23.

Q: How many digits is a USPS tracking number?

Ans: USPS tracking number contains 20-22 numbers along with a sequence of letters and numbers as well as Express mail has 13 characters as tracking number starts with two letters and end with letters of “US”.

Q: Can I track a USPS package if I lost the tracking number?

Ans: Have you lost your tracking number! Don’t be panic folks there are so many people similarly like you who lost their tracking numbers. Here we provide the way to get your tracking number back. The receipt of your mailed package has to track Id at the bottom you can collect there.

Some emails that are sent by you having premium mail services that provide detailed tracking information. So you could get a tracking number there. If you missed both nothing to worry go to the nearest post office and know the information about the tracking number of your package.

Q: Does every USPS package have a tracking number?

Ans: Definitely, every USPS package has its unique tracking number which is ready to deliver. All US parcel carriers provide a tracking number which helps the customers to track and know the information about their parcel.

Q: What do I do if my USPS package doesn’t arrive?

Ans: The best thing to do is contact your nearest post office and know about your package and also send a request to USPS online about missing packages. If they receive your request confirmation mail should be sent by them.

Q: What is the format of the DHL tracking number?

Ans: The DHL tracking number comprises of 10 digits in the format of 1111 2222 33. This number should be known by shippers through waybill on electronically generated documents and manual waybill have their DHL tracking number on the top of barcode.

Q: What does a typical UPS tracking number look like?

Ans: UPS tracking number contains eighteen with combination of alphabetic and numbers which starts with 1Z and ends with check digits i.e. 1Z 000 A1B 11 5555 6666.

Q: How do I find a tracking number?

Ans: There are three ways to find a tracking number. They are

  • Check at the bottom of your receipt that is given while you sent your parcel.
  • If you sent your package online in USPS.com then search your confirmation mail sent by them. They are itself having a tracking number.
  • Contact your post office to know the details about your tracking number.

Q: How long does USPS keep tracking information?

Ans: USPS should keep tracking information for up to four months. USPS keeps tracking information up to 2 years If it is Numbered International mail, Certified mail Service, Priority Mail Express service and Registered Mail service. 

Q: What happens if USPS loses my package?

Ans: If you lost your package or stolen the deliverer should raise a complaint about a package to USPS. Then you go through a vendor to get a refund. When you have insurance for the lost package then you have the right to claim or refund from USPS.

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