Everything you need to know about the History of ups?

History of ups?

History of ups – Everyone knows the united parcel service, it is one of the top global parcel delivery services in the world ups can deliver all around the world, the service will provide nearly 220+ countries all over the world.

Everyone doesn’t know the history of the united parcel service(ups). like who is founder, which year the ups service can start, who is the present CEO can I tell this information in the below story.

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The Year 1907

In 1907 Jim Casey found an American messenger company now it became the world’s top parcel service it is united parcel service(ups).E Casey thought to expand the company in 1919.

He expands the company to Seattle to Oakland and California.in that year they make a decision the deliver the retail packages for the department stores, this year they change the name American messenger company to united parcel service.

The year 1929

In 1929 they offer the first airplane delivery by using the only private airlines to deliver the packages to the long-distance but some reasons these services can be stopped in1931.

The Year 1930

In 1930 the ups will move the headquarters to the new york city, in this year the ups launch the retail delivery service in Chicago, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia. Jim Casey is the CEO of the united parcel service 1907-1962

The Year 1953

In 1953 united parcel service re-launch the air delivery service in that year, they can use the commercial airlines to deliver the packages these services would you known as the blue label air.

In this year they also start the common carrier service within a few years common carrier rights to allow the ups to compete with us postal service and package delivery to all customers like private and commercial in the midwest, northeast, southeast in u.s

The Year 1975

In 1975 they make the big decision to become the first parcel delivery company they start delivery the parcel to every address in the 48 continental United States of America. In the same year, they move outside the border first time offering the delivery services in Toronto, Canada. Services begin in West Germany.

The Year 1988

In 1988 they start their airline services to deliver the packages it is the first major airline startup Federal Aviation Administration history, it is the reason for one of the world’s largest companies in the world.

The Year 1989

In the year 1989, they expand the united parcel service around the world, in this year they delivered the packages to the other countries like Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Today UPS serves more than 220+ countries and territories.

The year 1994

In the year 1994, they come out with the technology this year they launch the online service like ups.com by using this website you can book the parcel delivery online. a year later they provide the facility like you can track the packages by using this website.

The year 2001

In the year 2001 united parcel service move into the retail by obtaining the mailbox. later it will be renamed as the ups store.

The Year 2005

In 2005 they start the ups ground freight services it will be as ups freight.

The Year 2011

In the year 2011 united parcel service launch, the tool is UPS My Choice® by using this tool it helps to schedule deliveries.

United parcel service will grow to the technology they though delivery the packages by using the drones in 2019 to become America’s first drone delivery.


Here is the complete article about the history of ups explained each and every year and its become very popular delivery in America and they also introduced drone service and in future, they will be updated much more than the 2019 year. I hope you will get good information about everything regards this article about the history of ups.

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