Does USPS Deliver on Saturday?

Does USPS Deliver on Saturday?

USPS stands for United States Postal Service. It is the largest postal service in the United States. It was established in the year of 1775.

Benjamin Franklin was appointed as one of the first postmaster generals.

It is an independent agency providing universal service all over the United States.

They deliver millions of posts, emails, and packages to every address, every single day, 6 days in a row. Also, they are the only company doing so in the states. They deliver more than 700 million pieces of mail every single day. The only exception is the Sunday, as only priority mails, items and packages are delivered on Sundays.

Before posting the packages and mails, mails are rapidly separated in shape by a procedure called cunning with a fluorescent barcode on it to specify the USPS services. These barcode helps to separate the packages according to their respective address.

Does USPS deliver on weekends?

Well, the answer to this question is yes, USPS delivers all days including weekends, the United States postal services provided their posting services on Saturdays and Sundays also, but it depends to the matter of priority assigned to the item.

USPS delivers priority mails and first-class mails and amazon packages on Saturdays and Sundays. As Amazon, no doubt, itself is a world-class online business site that reaches to million people with their products, it becomes a matter of urgency and business ethics for delivering packages to their customers and United States postal service puts everything all together to reach their customer with their packages on time.

Does USPS deliver mails on Saturday?

Does USPS deliver on Saturdays? It has become a matter of question for everyone who wishes to post mails, and packages on weekends that, does USPS deliver on Saturdays? So here is the answer. Yes, United States postal services provide services to the people on Saturday also.

In August 2013, USPS announced a new transition plan which includes 6 days of delivery in a week. However, the delivery of the mails depends upon the class of mails or services you choose, because the United States postal service deliver or post mails according to the services chosen.

There are different types of USPS packages they may deliver on Saturdays if chosen, and they are.

  1. First class mail
  2. Priority mail
  3. Packages services/ USPS retail ground.
  4. Priority mail express.

Mostly, priority mail express and priority mail items are delivered on Saturday. There are some specific first-class mail, retail ground, and media mail items that are not specified about delivery time.

The priority mail express is the fastest mail service provided by the USPS. The service is available all 365 days with a money-back guarantee. Including USPS Saturday delivery it takes 1-2 working days depending on the location of the delivery for delivering the packages and mails.

Once everything gets done the package will be delivered to the door front. The package pickup service is usually free for both Priority mail items as well as Priority mail express. For post office location and for online, priority mail express costs start from $6.65 whereas the insurance charges are $50.

United States postal service (USPS) delivery hours.

Delivery time for United States postal services varies with different delivery packages and mails. There is no fix allotted time for the delivery as it depends upon varies factors.

The different factors affecting the delivery time are the size and weight of the package, the distance between the delivery warehouse and the delivery address, total number of packages or items to be delivered, etc.  The delivery service usually starts around 8:30 a.m. in the morning or 10 a.m. in the morning depending upon the location of the office. All domestic mail should be delivered before 12 pm.

All regular mails and parcels or packages should be delivered before 5:00 pm. These are the regular timing of delivery for the mails and the packages. Usps Saturday delivery hours depends on the fact that if you have chosen the priority mail services, then the overnight scheduled of delivery will deliver the package by 10:30 am.

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The post office hours on Saturday are different as compared to other days, as it works only for special packages. The timings and functions are as follows:

  1. For the SW Town Center office of Wilsonville, the carrier facility hour starts from 8:30 a.m. and it works till 11 a.m., whereas the self-service kiosk works for 12 hours from midnight 12 a.m. till 12 p.m. The last collection from the office is at 4 p.m.
  2. For Royal Oak office, the carrier facility hour starts from 10 a.m. and it works till 5 p.m., whereas the self-service kiosk works for 12 hours from midnight 12 a.m. till 12 p.m. The last collection from the office is at 5 p.m.
  3. For 1150 garden view road office of Encinitas, the carrier facility hour start from 10 a.m. and it works till 2 p.m., whereas the self-service kiosk works for 12 hours from midnight 12 a.m. till 12 p.m. The last collection from the office is at 4 p.m.

Yes, USPS Delivers on Saturday

Having gone through aforesaid points, you must have understood that you can easily use USPS delivery service on Saturdays, Sundays and even on holidays. However, it is true that USPS delivers on Sundays, but you aren’t supposed to enjoy ordering services. Yes, only preferred items are delivered during weekends.

So, if you are assuming that you can be able to enjoy the United States postal’s regular service during weekends, you need to introspect about it. Of course, you can use special services even during the holidays. If you want to keep yourself updated about the latest news, views, and updates about USPS, you need to bookmark this site.


Q: Does the USPS Deliver on Saturday?

Ans: Definitely, USPS will deliver on Saturdays. The USPS will provide their services depend on the mail class or service you choose. Mostly Priority mails and Priority Express items will be delivered on Saturdays. The USPS (United States postal services) are there and give more priority to provide the best services for the customer’s convenience. 

Q: Do USPS Packages get delivered on Saturdays?

Ans: Yes, USPS provides its services on Saturdays. Based on your service type the USPS will deliver your package. The Standard post, media Mail items, and First-Class Mail are not Particularize. Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail Items will be delivered on Saturdays.

Q: Is Saturdays a Business day for mail?

Ans: There are some companies that to be considered Saturday as a working day. UPS and FedEx may deliver on Saturday for an extra charge.

Q: Do Saturdays Count as Business days?

Ans: From Monday to Saturday so many companies will be considered working days and Saturday and Sunday as weekends. When we order any item on Friday then the shipping will be on Monday.

Q: Does 2-day shipping include Saturday USPS?

Ans: Depend up on your service type the shipping days will take it into count. When it is a priority Mail, it takes 2 to 4 days window of delivery. You have to consider that Saturday will also regular days. Amazon is one of the companies that include Saturday and Sunday as delivery days.

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