Does FedEx deliver on Saturday?

does FedEx deliver on Saturday

does FedEx deliver on Saturday – When we talk about the best courier companies in the US one of the companies will come to mind ie., FedEx (FedEx Express). At first, this company came with the name of Federal Express after some years passed it was changed into FedEx Express.

This is a known one that delivers and picks up the packages nearly for 220 countries throughout the world. They are capable of 6.9 million deliveries every day.

They provide different types of services to the customers based on their requirements and mold themselves according to the customers’ needs. Day by day customers is registered in FedEx due to their best service. 

The common question that comes into every customer is – does FedEx deliver on Saturday? This is the platform to grab information about it. Here we are providing complete information to understand easily.

Yes, FedEx delivers their packages even on weekends also. The time and cost of the deliveries on Saturday and Sundays depending on place to place. Amazon and Walmart are the companies that come up to deliver on weekends with one or two days delivery.

There are some particular services in FedEx that are available to deliver the packages on Saturdays. You have to choose an option called ”Saturday Delivery” to deliver your package on Saturdays in the US and International locations.

Keep note that this option is used when there is the availability of delivery on Saturday at the destination of your delivery.

Delivery options to deliver on Saturdays:

There are different types of delivery options. So, let’s discuss some services below.

  1. FedEx Home Delivery: This service is best for the customers who are at US locations. You don’t have to pay any extra charges to deliver the packages.
  2. FedEx Express: This service provides Saturday Delivery options to choose to deliver as fast as possible depending upon your need. They are First Overnight, Priority Overnight, and 2Day service.
  3. Hold at FedEx Location: Using this service you can ship your package to the official location if you are not there at the destination at the time of delivery. To find the nearest FedEx location using the official website or Maps. There are nearly 2400 locations with 24 hours service all over the United States.
  4. FedEx SmartPost: This is the best option to choose for the customers who want to deliver to the destination the same day using Post Office (PO) Box, Diplomatic Post Office (DPO), Fleet Post Office (FPO) as well as Army Post Office (PO).
  5. FedEx Ground: This service is best for the people who want to deliver their packages on Sundays. This service is available on Sundays throughout the year.

What time does FedEx deliver?

Every customer wants to know about the time to deliver their package and what service is best to choose based on their requirement. So, here are the details about time, delivery hours.

Name of the ServiceTime to DeliverDelivery hours
FedEx Smart Post2-7 DaysMon – Sat
FedEx Home Delivery5 DaysSaturdays
FedEx PriorityOvernightMon – Sat
FedEx Same DaySame dayEvery days if necessary
FedEx 2-Day Delivery2 daysMon – Sat
FedEx Ground1-5 DaysEvery day

Types of Services in FedEx:

They are ready to deliver the packages to domestic and international. There are particular shipment types in both types.

Domestic Services:  FedEx linked with 23 airports all over India and deliver nearly to 19,550 postal codes. This service differs in three types 1. Non-Commercial, 2. Commercial, and 3. Commercial and Non-commercial.

  1. Non-Commercial Shipment: It is a door to door delivery to send your documents and also used this service to ship for Non-Commercial places. It takes 2-4 business days to send packages to the destination.
  2. Commercial Shipment: It is also a door to door delivery for commercial places. This will take the same time as Non-Commercial (2-4 business days).
  3. Non-Commercial and Commercial Shipment: This is a door to door delivery service for Ground shipment.

You can track your package online and take a printout of your delivery on FedEx and it provides a money-back guarantee if your item faced any damage or missing.

Note: you should follow the rules which are provided by FedEx. You can deliver more than one piece at a time on Airwaybill and not exceed 31Kg on each piece. Avoid hazardous material and other products which are restricted to ship.

International services: FedEx is one of the best companies that provide shipping options internationally and it is a door to door service to nearly 220 countries and territories worldwide. This service differs types which are shown in the table below.

Type of ServiceDescription Time taken to Deliver
FedEx International PriorityUsed to send important documents and maintain the weight below 68kg per unit1-3 business days
FedEx International Priority Freight It used to deliver heavyweight packages. It provides pickup options like door-to-door, door-to-airport, airport-to-airport and airport-to-door1-3 business days
FedEx International Priority Option for Valuable GoodsIt is an Airport to Door delivery to 24 destinations around the world. This will ship valuable goods from Delhi, Mumbai, and Jaipur Airport. It limits 4 pieces per shipment.
FedEx International EconomyIt is a door to door delivery throughout the world. It is time-definite and economical and custom cleared. You have to maintain a maximum weight up to 68kg2-5 business days
FedEx International Economy Freight It is also the same as FedEx International Economy but in weight, we can ship from 68kg to 1000kg. It is a heavyweight shipment service and it provides pickup options like door-to-door, door-to-airport,airport-to-airport and airport-to-door5 business days
Dangerous Goods ServiceThis is used to ship any dangerous goods if required and it provides fast transit times, airport-to-door delivery (outbound), and door-to-airport (inbound).
FedEx 10kg Box andFedEx  25kg BoxUsing priority mail service through FedEx you can take this box to ship your package with protection in transportation. This service to nearly 220 countries and territories worldwide.2 business days

Depends upon these services, FedEx provides some benefits for customers. They are 

  • Money-back guarantee 
  • Tracking
  • They give proof about the delivery of packages.
  • They accept hazardous goods for shipment.
  • It will include customer clearance

Conclusion: In this article, we are providing complete information about the delivery on Saturdays by FedEx. There are different types of services available in FedEx as shown in this article. Choose the best option to ship your package. Hope this article is useful for you guys.

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